About US

The idea of the Foundation came alive in 2010. Its aim is to help the better understanding of history for kids and adults as well and to provide them with a high-quality alternative in the areas of cultural education and leisure-time programs. The idea to teach history in the form of shows and leisure-time programs came around in 2003, and we tried to implement this idea in other forms of NGOs. These years spent together formed a creative, experienced and cooperative group who can at last work on this idea together with in the frames of the Fund.


The Fund's most important goal is carrying on an educational work which can help people of all ages understand history better from ancient times to present days. This goal is reached by organized educational events, shows, and leisure-time programs.

Within the Fund, the Legio Leonum Valentiniani (Valentinian's Legion of Lions) means our late-roman (mid-IV. century CE) reenactment group, which serves the purpose of displaying the Pannonia Valerian soldiers' authentic arms, armours, training and lifestyle.